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Nev has replicated his classic 80s and 90s sprays designs that were used by his professional team riders, like Sunny Garcia, Munga Barry, Nicky Wood, Dingo Morrison. Check them out in the Nev Board Builder.

Or BYO Art?...Send in your own digital designs / images! Try Shutterstock. INLAYZ can print one off designs for an extra charge no problemo!

INLAYZ prints actually strengthens the impact resistance of laminates, tested & proven! Your local surfboard factory will laminate the digital print on the deck or bottom of your board. It can be taped off as an insert on the deck with a clear rail, or it can wrap down and around the rail (with a tad more effort required by the laminator). The print just goes to the tucked edge when placed on the bottom. The design is accurate to the outline because Nev uses the Shape3D file to provide the perfect curve to match. Easy!