✓ 30 minutes chatting and designing with Nev Hyman
✓ Shape3d design/machine file of your NEV Futureshape
✓ NEV logos - Personally signed and dated by Nev
✓ Options to add digital art, fins, grips, legrope etc.
✓ STOKE Guarantee - 100% refund if you're not happy

Easy as 1/2/3
1/ After Checkout simply book a Zoom call on CALENDLY (link provided) at a time that suits you and, away we go...Zoom Zoom!
2/ After booking your Zoom session on Calendly, go to Menu / NEV CUSTOMS / Board Builder and select a NEV Model of dimensions similar to the board you'd prefer.
3/ Choose NEV logos, position, colour, play with board colours and digital graphics if you want to go the whole hog. It's super fun, especially when you convert it to a 3D image. Purchase in SHOP NOW accessories, posters, apparel etc, or just leave it all until we chat in the design session.
Too easy! I can't wait to 'talk story' with you! Yeeewww!