When last did you speak to your surfboard shaper?

Do you think you would ever have the opportunity to chat with any of the world’s most renowned surfboard shaper/designers to discuss your physical and local surf requirements, whether as a beginner, competent surfer or professional? These days you buy a board off the rack and hope it goes unreal, right? In most cases it will because these days the quality of local surfboard design and construction is pretty damn good, everywhere!

But...One thing is still missing...

Something intrinsic to the stoke of buying a new surfboard...Something surfers of yesteryear took for granted...What is it? Working directly with the shaper of your choice from anywhere in the world, and then hanging out with the local craftsmen who will complete your new customised NEV surfboard. It is...

The Surfer-Shaper relationship!


Design your board
one on one with Nev

Then have it CNC machined and glassed locally


Schedule a Zoom on Calendly to chat with Nev

After the chat he will send you your Shape3D machining file along with hand signed NEV logos and (if you want) your choice of original or custom INLAYZ digital art. Then you simply take it to your local surfboard factory to have your new custom NEV shape cut on their CNC machine, finish shaped and expertly glassed to your specifications.

Support your local surfboard manufacturers

The quality of your local manufacturers work is generally consistent and equal to that of the factory here on the Gold Coast who finishes Nevs boards.

Nev board builder

Choose your model and basic dimensions, pre-design your colours, art and logo positioning, fin system, glassing (PU or epoxy)

Then, when you're ready, book your Zoom session with Nev to have him design the perfect custom shape for you.

This is just too much fun...Give it a shot!

Nev range

Whether you are a beginner, local standout or a WSL pro, Nevs 50 years of surfing around the world and shaping surfboards for crew just like you will get you frothing...And don't worry, not all Nevs are aqua :)

Some of the professional surfers Nev has shaped for over the past 45 years

Nev Future Shapes 1978 - 2005

Left to right: Larry Bertleman, Christian Fletcher, Nev, Michael 'Munga' Barry, Nick Wood, Ian 'Kanga' Cairns, Sunny Garcia, Joel Parkinson, Ted Deerhurst, Christian, Dean 'Dingo' Morrison, Danny Wills, Sam Lamroy, Danny, Jonathan Gonzales, Occy, Tony Moniz, Rabbit, Damon Nichols, Peter Drouyn, Samantha Cornish, Guy Omerod, Martin Potter, Mark Liddel, Trudy Todd, Sophia Mulanovich, Wendy Botha, Richard 'Dog' Marsh, Jamie Obrien, Ryan 'Hippo' Hipwood, Nicky Wood, Sunny, Clint Kimmins, Merrick Davis, Ry Craike, Munga, Ketut Menda, Munga, Michael Ho, Vince Klyn, Pottz,

Firewire 2006 - 2015

Left to right: Dusty Payne, Jack Robinson, Taj Burrow, Filipe Toledo, Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons, Nev and Taj, Sally, Kelly Slater, Michel Bourez, Michel and Nev, Stuey Kennedy, Adam Scott, Sally, Nev, Kelly

Nev Customs 2018 - 2022 - and on and on

Left to right: Caio Ibelli, Thomas Woods, Thomas, Ketut Menda, Nev and Ryan 'Hippo' Hipwood, Hippo, Sheldon Simkus, Thomas, Teddy Robertson (7yrs), Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Teddy and YOU...

A message from Nev:

"I'm looking forward to connecting with crew just like you, sharing our love for the ocean and its waves, and working together to put the right board under your feet. The best part for me being when I see your posts showing off your new locally made Nev Futureshape, just like these guys below...


Let's do this! "

Nev Customs powered by Möbius Surf

The Möbius Strip was named after mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius in 1958. It was meant to be because Nev was born in 1958! :)

A Möbius Strip has only one side and one edge, equating to the mathematical definition of infinity

You could ride forever with Möbius Surf...A neva-ending roundhouse cutty?