Is it complicated getting an authentic NEV Custom made locally ?...Nah!

This is no different than you walking in the door of your local surfshop and trusting that the local shaper and glassing factory will deliver the same quality you'd expect from Nev Futureshapes Australia. Our global partners have equal skills and experience to that of the awesome crew at Burleigh Boardmakers to finish your custom order using the Shape3D file we worked together on during the Zoom

It's easy as...




Watch this to understand how to get your NEV Custom surfboard


Schedule a Zoom with Nev

After the chat he will send you your Shape3D machining file along with hand signed NEV logos and (if you want) your choice of original or custom INLAYZ digital art. Then you simply take it to your local surfboard factory to have your new custom NEV shape cut on their CNC machine, finish shaped and expertly glassed to your specifications.


100% Stoke Guarantee

Buyers remorse after the ZOOM chat? Ran out of dough? If you are not totally stoked I will refund your design fee at ANY point. 

No worries, just let me know…