Ripable is identical to the boards Nev designed at Firewire for Michel Bourez and Stu Kennedy in 2012 and 2013. This high performance shortboard is reserved for the more experienced surfer wanting a board to match and elevate their skills.

A standard high-performance shortboard should be the foundation on which your surfing repertoire is built, and all other surfboards in your quiver are judged. For those days when it’s pumping your board needs to be an extension of your body and ability, the Ripable ticks those boxes.

Advanced rocker profile, refined foil and outline with a full-length single concave combine to offer maximum speed and response during the most critical angles of attack. This boards expects back foot drive off the tail and no compromise performance surfing. 

If you’re on, it’s on! If you’re ABLE to RIP, then this board is a must for your quiver. 

“Pedal to the metal, speed and performance proven to rip” – Nev 

Check Thomas Woods, Sheldon Simkus, Teddy Robertson (7yrs) and Davyboy Gonzales ripping on their Ripables