The Sub Moon Fish caters to many walks of life from rippers and everyday shredders, right through to the ultimate hipsters who want to lay down a smooth drop wallet carve.

This model features a refined rocker in comparison to the flatter traditional fish shapes, offering much more sensitivity through turns, and a feel closer to a performance shortboard.

Generous width in the back half maintains incredible speed and acceleration, especially in softer waves, while the flyer provides extra bite in those critical moments when you want to bust the tail out, push it to the limits, and have it come back under your feet.

The light and strong EPS/Epoxy construction with unidirectional carbon tape creates a lively and responsive feel that’s a real advantage in the smaller stuff, but will still feel totally at home in waves up to 5 feet (head high).

With a nice balance of usability and performance, the Nev Submoon Fish is one of those boards that’ll have you pumped to get out there regardless of the conditions.

“A contemporary fish you can rip the bag on, no compromise” - Nev

Check Thomas Woods and Renee ripping on their subMOONfishes