Legendary Dane Kealoha

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Dane Kealoha was one of the most popular surfers in the early 80s due to his incredibly powerful and dominating style of surfing-especially at Backdoor and Pipeline. He truly epitomised Hawaiian surfing and dramatically influenced a number of today’s top pros. ( www.eos.surf/entries/kealoha-dane/ )

Nev shaped and sprayed Dane a few boards at the 1983 Stubbies event at Burleigh Heads which he then took on the infamous 1983 Pro Tour.

Low and behold it awoke recently, after having a 40-year well-earned snooze on some poor guys couch. No wonder, right? Imagine how much this board suffered under the gnarly feet of all that Hawaiian power? 

Nev is working with Dane and Town and Country in Hawaii to authentically re-issue this awesome board, exactly as you see it here.

Just so you know, Legends like Dane deservedly get a handsome clip on the ticket from you for choosing to own a piece of his history