Is a global network of shaping machines able to create authentic Nev Future Shapes custom orders for anyone anywhere anytime.

In 1988 Nevs vision for the surfboard manufacturing industry was that, one day, it would embrace technology like other industries. 15 years later in 2003, he and his partners prepared a business plan called Möbius to deliver this bold vision using the tech they created, Shape3D, APS3000 and Aku Shaper

However, always looking for better materials to improve a surfboards performance, in 2005/6 Nev went on to found Firewire with Bert Burger leaving this network to evolve independently to where it is today. 

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining processes are now industry standard, used by all surfboard manufacturers.

Nev is now using this well established network for use by individual surfers around the world by way of the surfer chatting one on one with their shaper of choice anywhere, and then have their custom surfboard made at the local factory. 

It is called The Surfer Shaper Relationship

If you are a renowned shaper and / or surfboard manufacturer who wishes to join the  - powered by Möbius Surf platform, then Nev would love to hear from you at