I first met Christian when he (12), Nathan (8) and his infamous and awesome parents, Herbie, Dibbie Fletcher visited the Gold Coast for the Stubbies in 1982. I made these most original super groms some boards, and over the ensuing years I randomly made them a few more.

In the late 80s Christian was blowing up in California riding a few of my boards whilst mainly getting boards from the likes of master shapers Chris McElroy R.I.P, and Timmy Patterson

I am told that a number of well-known shapers in California liked the "NEVs from Burleigh" that they saw Christian riding at Trestles, and the word was out. To have Christian ripping so bloody hard in the US (the commercial heart of surfing) was an awesome leg up for my career which ultimately resulted in NEV Future Shapes being the first surfboard company in Australia to export finished boards to the USA, Europe, Japan, and Brazil throughout the 90s.

The innovative metal-loving goofyfooter from San Clemente, California is an icon in both aerial surfing and surf-rebel extremism. Surf writer Matt George noted. "Anytime Christian Fletcher shows up, an ordinary day suddenly ends."


Can you imagine the shite he will talk when you get on a Zoom with him and Nev?