Nevamind Hippy Rhinestone Clogs

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Cha Ching..Rhinestone Bling

Step up your shoe game with Nevamind Hippy Rhinestone Clogs. These groovy kicks feature sparkling hippy rhinestones. Neva be normal" and a little "cha ching" bling to ya' thing!. Nevamind the strut in these bling-tastic clogs! #fnblingtasticlogs

  • Cushioned foot bed *EVA polymer ,slip-resistant and non-marking soles .
  • Round Toe, High Heel Flat Bottom.
  • Effen Bling Tasic!
  • Women - EU 36-41
  • exclusive to nevcustoms & nevamind

As with everything we do is made to order. Please allow a few days for our blingsters to hand-make your Nevamind Hippy Rhinestone Clogs and send them struttin to your pad!

What is *EVA?
When shopping for leather shoes and other types of footwear, one of the most common questions people ask is about mid-soles—specifically, what is EVA? EVA, chemically speaking, is Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, an elastic co-polymer very similar to rubber and also used in household and industrial applications. EVA is considered environmentally friendly in that it doesn’t use chlorine in its production, and can be recycled into products such as playgrounds or industrial mats. Because it is man-made and animal friendly, it is commonly used in vegan shoes. EVA provides cushion, spring (rebound), and is resistant to hardening and cracking. It also resists UV radiation, doesn’t absorb water, and stays flexible in the cold, all of which make it very useful for outdoor footwear. Soft and flexible, EVA is technically a foam instead of a rubber, as it is formed by expanding plastic and trapping pockets of gas (air) in various densities.