By simply asking me to shape him some boards in March 1982, Shaun handed me a a"Free Ride" in getting my boards under the feet of so many other legends of the day. Here’s the back story for your entertainment...

I had just finished shaping, spraying and glassing a new board for Ketut Menda (the Balinese surfing sensation) and rocked up to Burleigh Point in my Kombi to give it to him. I pulled the very LOUD, brand spanking new board out and leaned it up against a pine tree in front of the Stubbies grandstand, waiting for the very LOUD Menda to arrive and grab it.

Then, low and behold, Larry "rubberman" Bertleman wanders past and spots the board. He picks it up to check it out. OMG, Bert was touching one of my boards?!  And, AND! He looked like he liked it! He put it back gently and wanders off to check the waves. 10 mins later I am now standing next to Ketut's board, just hanging out to go for a surf because it is firing. As I’m checking the crew getting barrelled, I feel a tap on my shoulder..."Hey Bru, did you make this board?"

Hiding the fact that I was mesmerised that Shaun Tomson had just spoken to me, I answered with as much cool aplomb that as this ridiculously excited ginger could muster… "Yeah mate, sure did”

Shaun replies, "Could you make me a board or two, Bru?" I say "Sure Shaun, no worries mate..." I get Shaun’s details and casually say (to his surprise) "OK, I'm off to shape them now. I'll be back day after tomorrow with them, all good"

Ketut never turned up. (he was surfing. I shoulda known better…Duh!) I jumped in my Kombi and drove away screaming with pure unadulterated stoke above "I love rock and roll" on my cassette player. Yeeewww! I was on my way Hosea, with now heartfelt thanks to Ketut Menda and Shaun Tomson.